A group of women representing the power of community

I am an extrovert. There’s no doubt about it.

Anyone who has worked with me in my non-profit leadership coaching programmes knows that, for sure.

The last year or so has had me doubting myself.

My world seems to have got extraordinarily small. I’ve hardly left my neighbourhood, and seen far fewer people for work and fun than I used to. Despite the riches of London and many wonderful friends and colleagues around me, the world has felt unsafe. 

It started with COVID which thoroughly shook up my usual ‘out-there’ MO; then, a relationship which was important to me ended; my youngest daughter joined her sister at uni in September. And to top it all, my dodgy knees, which have been a problem for years, began to dictate what was physically possible for me.  

In January, I had a knee replacement operation. Hurrah! This would open up the world for me. I’d find my extrovert self again. All would be well.

But woah, it’s been hard.

Here I am two months later, still in pain, still walking with difficulty, still using up a whole load of energy to heal, still mainly in my postcode. 

And… while I’ve been in recovery, I’ve been part of some deep experiences of community which give me hope for myself and for all of us.

Getting back to ‘in real-life’ connection

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve managed to get out a little more. I’m back to in-person connection with others and it’s been soooo good.

Nana,Katie,Mary representing community

  • I spent a morning in central London with one of my talented clients, a Deputy CEO and her CEO, helping them explore how they can use their contrasting strengths to be a dream team leading their international development organisation to amazing things. It was so good to be present, out in the world, doing what I’m good at again, and feeling I’m making a contribution.
  • I led an AwayDay for my Sweet Spot group. Seven brilliant women leaders from different social enterprises and charities came together to support and encourage each other with generosity, playfulness and wisdom. It was a full day, and I needed a lot of help to make it happen, but I am so glad I did. Everyone, including me, felt uplifted by collaborating in a room together.
  • I made it to a local International Women’s Day event run by my local MP. It was a joy to be part of  this diverse crowd of strong, determined women in my local community – charity leaders, educationalists, police officers, change-makers, local business women.  While recognising the huge challenges we women face, we absolutely rocked the room with gratitude for each other and celebrated what we’ve all done and where we are all going.  I left knowing I needed more of this. 

Over to you

I know that community and connection bring me huge joy and allow me to shine in my very best work. They are my fuel, in fact. Is it the same for you?

What’s next? 

Would you value being part of a supportive group of non-profit women leaders cheering each other on as you work to create a better world? My small group coaching programme – the Sweet Spot – is all about kindness, fun and community – and the waiting list is now open.

Read more here or email me at katie@katieduckworth.com and we’ll set up a chat about joining the next cohort.