One-to-one coaching is the most powerful way to create long-lasting change.

I coach non-profit and mission-driven CEOs and senior leaders to push through barriers and shine in their work. I’d love to help you and your colleagues do the same.

SmoOth operator

This programme takes newly-appointed non-profit leaders from feeling squashed under the weight of expectations to feeling fully rooted in your new role.

A calm, confident leader making a big impact.


Relight my fire

The one-to-one coaching programme for experienced non-profit CEOs and Directors to
rediscover the joy in your work.

Fall back in love with what you do. And make the massive positive impact you know you can.

One Step Beyond



My one-to-one coaching programme for leaders with 20 months or more experience in their role.

It’s time to make the next phase really count.


Work you love

For non-profit or mission-driven CEO or senior leaders ready to move on from your current role – leading a bigger or more impactful organisation, stepping up to CEO, going for an interim role, having a break or making a thoughtful side-step.

Let’s talk

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