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I’m passionate about helping leaders step into work in which they truly thrive, so they lead others with flair and brilliance – and find themselves absolutely loving what they do.


Are you a non-profit or mission-driven CEO or senior leader ready to move on from your current role? You’re in the right place.

“I don’t think I would be where I am now, had I not worked with you. You helped me be excited to be me! I am profoundly grateful” 
Kathryn Tomlinson, Interim Co-Executive Director and Director of Programmes, International Alert
You helped me to gain huge insight into what I am good at, and what I enjoy, when I was pretty confused and lacked confidence. I don’t think I would be where I am now, had I not worked with you. You helped me be excited to be me! I am profoundly grateful” 
Kathryn Tomlinson, Director of Global Delivery, International Alert

This is it!!!

My Work You Love coaching sends packing all the ‘yes buts’ and ‘maybe one day’ thinking that’s held you back so far.

My six-month, in-depth coaching programme for those already in non-profit or mission-driven roles, is so much more than just career coaching. This is a deep dive into ‘YOU’. (If you’re after detailed help with applications and CVs, I’m not your woman, sorry.)


3 powerful ways to fail better - a woman with her head in her hands, representing someone who failed

I’ll help you identify the 100% unique combination of strengths and talents that only you bring to the world.


 We’ll get super clear on your vision and create a totally inspiring plan for your next step whatever that may be – leading a bigger or more impactful organisation, stepping up to CEO, going for an interim role, having a break or making a thoughtful side-step.


Get in touch and let’s get excited about your future together.

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Work You Love will give you precious time to prioritise your own development so you get crystal clear on what’s next.

You get the space to clear your head, rise above the day-to-day, and move forwards with more purpose than ever before.

All the while with me by your side – a sector-specific and highly experienced leadership coach. Boosting your confidence and challenging you deeply.

Does that sound good?

If you want to love your job, change the world, and positively thrive, let’s talk.

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