Relight My Fire

THREE years+

The one-to-one coaching programme for experienced non-profit CEOs and Directors.

Rediscover the joy in your work. Fall back in love with what you do. And make the massive positive impact you know you can.



You’re a high performing CEO who’s been in-role for a while. Long enough for the shine to have worn off, maybe, and for you to be feeling beaten down by the daily grind and the weight of responsibility on your shoulders.

You have ambitious plans for your organisation, but:


Do you sometimes feel like you’re on your own with the mammoth task of leading in these crazy times?

Do you struggle to keep away from day-to-day operations so you find the time and space to focus on the strategic bigger picture?

Are you not enjoying work like you once did?

3 powerful ways to fail better - a woman with her head in her hands, representing someone who failed

In fact, are you sometimes so busy that you’re taking work home (and pissing off your family) just to keep your head above water?

It’s maddening to spend so much time sorting out the one or two staff that just don’t get it when there’s so much to get done.

And there’s that niggly concern in the back of your mind that you could be heading for burnout, illness or even breakdown.

You might even be considering leaving the sector all together.

What a shame for your whole sector, to lose a leader like you!

Imagine how it would feel to:

Love your work again so you can’t wait to get to it every day and make the difference you know you can

Be brimful of confidence and excitement about taking ambitious plans forward

Feel proud of yourself and your whole team doing great work – all of you thriving, productive and happy.

How amazing would that be?

And you know – this isn’t just about you.

Your team need you to be happy and thriving.

They need you to stay in your position, continuing to make world-affecting change.

Don’t bow out early and leave someone less experienced or less passionate at the helm.

How can you be a great boss, an inspirational leader and handle all the pressures of your hugely challenging work, if you’re not getting any support whatsoever?

I guarantee that if you were in a commercial organisation, you’d be getting executive coaching as a matter of course.

Why shouldn’t you?

What you do is more important.

I know how tempting it is to believe that you can’t afford coaching, even at your senior level. It feels like funds need to be spent on projects which serve others.

But here’s the thing, what if those projects don’t work out because your team aren’t getting the leadership they need to make them a success?

How is that serving your team or the communities you’re employed to help?

As an experienced coach, with a 30+ career in the non-profit world, I can give you exactly the support you need to positively thrive and lead others to create amazing change.

If you’re nodding your head along with all this, then Relight My Fire leadership coaching is for you.

Click below and let’s get a call in to talk.

Relight My Fire will give you precious time to prioritise your own development. You get the space to clear your head, rise above the day-to-day, and move forwards with more purpose than ever before.

The positive effects rippling through your whole organisation and beyond…

All the while with me by your side – a sector-specific and highly experienced leadership coach. Boosting your confidence and challenging you deeply.

Does that sound good?

How it works


Join me on this one-to-one coaching programme and I’ll be right there alongside you as you tackle the challenges of your leadership role.

Over a year the programme includes:

The Kick-start Session
We get clear on your priorities and set ambitious goals for our work together. At the end of this session you’ll feel full of positive excitement for what now looks truly possible

(90 mins on Zoom or face-to-face in central London)

The Relight Sessions
Every month, for the rest of the year, we pick the biggest, baddest challenges you face and tackle them head on, together. At the end of every Relight Session you’ll know know exactly what you want to do next and be looking forward to doing it.

(Monthly 50-minute Zoom or phone coaching calls for the rest of the year. Some can be face-to-face.)

In-between Session email support for ra-ra-ing, accountability and extra coaching between our calls to keep you moving forward.

15-minute ‘critical comrade’ phone calls for when you’re doubting your brilliance or need my support on an urgent issue.

Secret Weapon
It doesn’t matter how many personality assessments you’ve done in the past, it’s unlikely that you’ve done one recently enough or to the degree that I’ll carry out your DISC assessment. Your strengths will become your secret weapons and we can pull together a plan to cover any blindspots with team members. And what’s more; they’ll thank you for it.

The Leadership Kit
A suite of tried and tested tools and techniques enabling you to take common leadership challenges in your stride e.g. how to make difficult conversations easier and how to make multiple, complex decisions under pressure.

If you want to step out from under the unique pressures of being a non-profit leader, love your job again and positively thrive, let’s talk.

Click now to book a no-pressure Chemistry Call.

Leaders I’ve coached tell me that, with my help, they’ve hit their ambitious goals and are so much better equipped to lead with assurance.

“I had mixed feelings about coaching but I knew I had to reignite my passion and get some fresh thinking. The experience has made a huge difference in my life. I have come out of it knowing myself better and feeling happier, more confident and ready to take on new challenges.  I cannot recommend Katie enough.”

Liz May, Director of Policy & Advocacy, Traidcraft Exchange (now Transform Trade)

“I had mixed feelings about coaching but I knew I had to reignite my passion and get some fresh thinking. The experience has made a huge difference in my life. I have come out of it knowing myself better and feeling happier, more confident and ready to take on new challenges.  I cannot recommend Katie enough.”

Liz May, Director of Policy & Advocacy, Traidcraft Exchange (now Transform Trade)

The investment

Leadership coaching packages from a commercial leadership coach of my calibre cost £30,000 (or much more) for a year of support.

As a died-in-the-wool non-profit sector native, I know that portioning off even a fraction of that is painful.

So I try to keep my prices as affordable as possible.

The investment for you to rediscover your passion for your work and make the positive difference you know you can will be from £2.5k, depending on your circumstances.

Still sounds like a lot?

Coaching is an investment in the mission, rather than in you as an individual.

To carry out that mission you need to be fully supported in your leadership capacity if you’re to lead others successfully and effect the change that needs to happen.

Coaching also has a significant impact on financial outcomes. A recent article in Forbes ‘Why Leaders need a coach more than ever’ gives a comprehensive analysis of why coaching provides a compelling bottom-line return.

These kind of results are tough to get on your own. Working with a coach allows you to move forward more confidently and with more impact than you would on your own. In my experience, CEOs find it extraordinarily difficult to make the time to reflect and learn. Having a coach means you get crucial tough love and accountability so you keep your head above the water and avoid getting lost in the day-to-day challenges of the role.

What’s not to like!?

Two women at a desk having a potential awkward conversation

Who is it for?

The Relight My Fire Leadership Programme is for you if:

 You have at least 3 years’ experience at Chief Executive or Director level

 You’ve got bold, ambitious plans for yourself or your organisation

 You have a ‘growth mindset’ and know that change is possible however ground-down you feel right now

 You know the value of levity at work and are up for some laughs in our sessions too

 You’re willing to be vulnerable and honest, and to really get to know yourself.

Relight My Fire is not for you if:

You’re starting out in leadership (I have other coaching programmes if that’s you)

You’re thoroughly jaded and a miserable bugger and can’t imagine how anything will ever change

You’re looking for ‘pure’ coaching. (I bring all my varied life experiences and deep learning to my coaching and – shock horror – will mentor and advise too, if it’s the right thing for you)

You’re not willing to invest time or money in being the very best leader

You feel like you know everything already and you’re not up for exploring.

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“Through working with Katie I was able to develop skills to help me be resilient in busy periods, troubleshoot my tendency towards overworking, and gain greater understanding of myself and my future career direction.  I know myself much better, understanding how my signature strengths play out in a work context, and ensuring I continue my career along a path that aligns with my skills and values.”

Alexa Rees-Jones, Sustainability Adviser, Forum for the Future






Yes, I have a sliding scale. Message me if you think you might qualify for a discounted place.


The minimum time I work with senior leaders is six months. Ideally, I like to coach together for at least a year. Why? Because the work we do is deep and it’s transformational and it takes time.

Relight My Fire isn’t about a ‘quick fix’ here and there. We need space and time together – and apart – so you can take a deep, thoughtful dive into yourself and what you bring. You need space and time to learn, to feel into things. Space and time to test ideas out and to build up self-belief and confidence. Maybe even to make a bit of a mess of things and have some fails along the way (which will, by the way, teach you loads).

You can’t do all that in a few one-off sessions.


Yes, they probably do and I’d love to work with them. When resources are spread too thin though (especially given the low budgets earmarked in non-profits for individual L&D), you risk no one getting any meaningful support. That’s not helpful for your mission. Let’s start with you as the CEO because coaching you will have the biggest trickle down impact and take it from there.

  • Firstly, believe in the power of coaching for you and stick to your guns that this is important. You, and the organisation, deserve this investment. (I see far too many CEOs undermining their own development and that of their organisations by not being willing to push through their own discomfort about this)
  • Share all the reasons above why coaching is a great investment
  • Enlist my support – I’m very happy to talk coaching through with your Chair or other sponsor
  • And remember, it’s very likely that they will have no hesitation whatsoever about investing in you and your development.