I love being in the training room with positive people keen to change the world.

I train with flair and energy, creating a fun, lively environment where participants enjoy their learning and gain skills and attitudes which stick.

Fly High Management training

Created with the unique challenges of our sector in mind, Fly High gives managers the tools they need to reach their potential and perform at the highest level.

“Katie’s lively, accessible style meant everyone stayed engaged, and I can clearly see the positive impact it’s had. Our managers are more confident and enjoying their roles more.”

Tasha Webster, Director of Operations, Aspire

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Great managers need to inspire, motivate and empower their teams, whilst taking care of their own wellbeing. 

Brilliant people are often promoted without receiving training in how to manage people. The result? They struggle with difficult decisions, delegating effectively and tackling challenging people. 

Fly High will give your managers the skills they need to perform at the highest level. They’ll grow in confidence and ability, resulting in a more engaged, motivated and productive workforce. 

Management should be fun, so this training is lively and participative. We cover topics such as vision and mindset, working to strengths and difficult conversations. 

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Be the Change Leadership Training

My experience of leadership training is that it doesn’t always work so well. Learning gets lost as day-to-day challenges kick in again and very quickly it’s back to business-as-usual. That’s why Be the Change Leadership Training is different.

Katie is such a warm, engaging trainer – I have thoroughly enjoyed leadership training with her. I gained really useful insights about myself and an understanding of how best to motivate and encourage teams. Recommended!”

Cat Cook, Sustainable Financing Lead, Harm Reduction International

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Is your senior team made up of amazing individuals who are putting their all into creating change?

Would you like to see your colleagues truly step up and shine using their individual strengths and talents?

Could these fabulous people work even more effectively together for business success?

My Be the Change Leadership programme begins with the individuals in the room. Before anything else, we identify each person’s unique contribution to the world, the organisation and the team. Then, with honesty and vulnerability, we explore how you can all work together more successfully to create the change you want to see. We then identify how each leader can hold that vision, stay on track, and motivate their team to success.

This training is an exciting and unique longer-term process. It facilitates individual learning and growing – encouraging participants to challenge barriers to change in systems and approaches which no longer work.

Sounds intriguing? Get in touch and let’s have a chat about whether this is the right approach for your team.

What a fantastic course! Katie is a great trainer who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about supporting leaders to develop. She encouraged, guided and empowered us to be open and reflective, giving us space to think and learn, as well us giving a lot of great tools and resources. I took a lot away from such a short time and will definitely do more courses in the future.

Kara Lee, Chief Executive, Bexley Mencap

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